Terri Danovic of Mind & Body Fitness Loft at Hood Street Art Center. Photo by Lucas Garzoli

Mind & Body Fitness Studio moves in to the Hood

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Everybody knows Terri Danovic

Interview by Stephanie Davis Garzoli, Photos by Lucas Garzoli

Spinning, Pilates Reformer, Barre, Zumba, Tai Chi and Aerial Yoga are just some of the new classes that Mind & Body Fitness Studio will be offering to the community in McDonough, GA

SG: Tell us first a little bit about yourself, about what you have been doing, who you are and what you represent:

Terri Danovic: I’m Canadian. I was born in Toronto. I have been here probably 49 years now, maybe a little bit more. I started out as an advertising director in Toronto with a very big company. I met my husband, Dr. Jon Danovic, in Canada– we moved down here in ‘78, I believe. We have two children; one is 37 and lives in Los Angeles, California; he is a film director and videographer. The other is 33 and she lives with her new husband Brent and our grandchild, Rudy, and they live in Jackson, GA. I have been in the business for 39 years, now. I started out in Jackson– I had a studio there, then I moved to McDonough, just for the sake newer faces. I have been here in McDonough on the square for 2 ½ years… I had been looking at Andy’s place for a long time. I have been in there a couple of times just after he passed away. I met you guys [at Andy’s memorial], actually !

SG: We remember you as well!

Terri: So, then I remembered that the place was kind of empty, and I found out from a good friend who owns the building now, and I went to him and I said,

“What are you doing with the space?”

“I don’t know what do you want to do with it?’, and I said, “I want to rent it–”

“I am a the highest level spinning instructor, so I brought all my bikes here, and a few people have followed me from LA Fitness”


SG: –Oh, you know Kerry?

Terri: Yeah! I know Kerry very well! So, there we go! Since I’ve come to McDonough, I have met a couple of really good instructors; Jason Chiu; he is originally from Opa Circus in Atlanta, and he is now my trainer for all the circus kids: for aerial silks, trapeze, hoops and all that, and his wife, Jennifer, is a body painter, She just won an award for [it]. She is a [hula]hooper, and we… have hoop classes for the kids!

I am a the highest level spinning instructor, so I brought all my bikes here, and a few people have followed me from LA Fitness–I was their cycling instructor. That was when I was working at my other business, Oxygen fitness…and then when I moved I couldn’t do it there because I opened my own business. So, now I continue teaching spin for the students who follow me wherever I go…I used to teach pilates on the floor but most women don’t like it because it hurts their body. So I went up to LA and got a pilates reformer table, so now I am a certified pilates instructor for the table and Cadillac table. In Canada, they use the pilates reformer for rehabilitation. It’s an all over workout.

SG: You essentially got to build your business on the square?

Terri: Oh yeah, I am not new to McDonough. Everybody knows me! We do festivals on the square, and I bring 30ft stand- alone trapeze and aerial silks and the children perform on that.

Everyone kind of knows me from the other studio, and they are just waiting for me to open here.

“I think that people who are artists, like Andy Davis– we find that we are drawn to things like this.”


SG: Before we talk specifically, what are your expectations about the new space, being next to all the businesses within the art center family?

Terri: I think it is going to be one of the best things that have happened to me in the last 6 years. I think that people who are artists, like Andy Davis, we find that we are drawn to things like this. There has to be a reason why I was looking at that building, after he passed away– it was like a calling, or something. I know it sounds weird to say, but that’s how I felt about it. I think that our business will fit in very well [here], being an artist, and now this creative substance [we are] giving to the kids in McDonough– I think that’s really going to build a great business for me and everyone else there.

I go out of the way to do everything right. I do a lot of work for kids who are homeschooled, and now that I don’t have stairs [in my studio], I can do things for kids who are disabled, too!

Terri & Jon Danovic


SG: How is your husband involved? He seems like your other half, helping you!

Terri: He is a chiropractor! I don’t know what I’d do without him. I would have a broken back. I don’t know how I could have done it, carrying everything, on the phone with everyone. There is still a lot of stuff that has to go in there that no one has seen yet. We are trying to get the trapeze and aerial silks up, along with the Cadillac table. McDonough has not seen anything like this; I’ve got kids coming from Monticello, Griffin, and Atlanta to do the aerial silks. We have circus parties for the kids. They keep telling me to bring my monkey– I don’t have one, but they think I do! You’ll see us at the Fall Festival, we are signed up for that already.

SG: What are you currently offering for classes, briefly?

Terri: Spinning, or indoor Cycling. I am certified through Mad Dog, in California. It is originated by an Italian cycler named Johnny G. If you go to some clubs, you’ll see an aerobic teacher teaching Cycle, they can’t call it Spinning. Spinning is the

‘Porche of Cycling’. There is a program that we teach– we try to make it fun– We have wider seats for those who it is not comfortable on the actual seat. I’ve made it more people-friendly.  I think because of the way I teach the class, I have a lot of people coming back,

“If you’re not having a good time, don’t do it!”

I try to make the classes happy for everybody. The disco ball is coming, [for] a night spinning class, too. That is geared towards 12 year olds to 50 year olds.

Mind & Body Fitness Loft renovated the late Andy Davis’ studio to settle her new Loft


Pilates Reformer table: We work the entire body. We do arm, leg movement, standing up. There are about 500 exercises on the table done in a sequence…I [teach] one-on-one in front of each of them. It is for anybody, ages 10 and up.

The Barre: It is similar to ballet, and you use different apparatuses like bands and squishy balls for the movements. The barre is basically a balance beam for those who can’t stand up. It gives balance. It’s a little more challenging of a class. You build lean muscles and get taller. It’s great for older people, and you’ll stand up straighter and feel better.

We have Zumba, I am a Zumba instructor. It’s for all ages, on Saturday. We have a little Hip Hop twist to it. I was trained in Miami. I bring back reggaeton and the original style.

Tai Chi, I teach Yen style. Based on 10 essential movements.

Aerial Yoga– It’s yoga but you’re more supported by a hammock. You enable yourself to stretch further in each position [this way]. You can also go upside down in some poses. That’s a great class; it elongates your spine. And that’s for all ages, too! The kids love to run over and go upside down.

Trapeze and Aerial Hoops from the ceiling- ages 7 and up.

SG: Is there anything else you’d like to add? Any grand opening promos?

Terri: We are going to have door prizes for the 1st ten people who show up. We will have cupcakes and food, and what doesn’t get eaten, we share!


For more information on classes, schedules & pricing, visit


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